Charlotte Best

Charlotte Best is Phaedra in Teenage Kicks.  A girl from the ‘right side’ of the tracks, Phaedra is on a mission to take life by the horns and try everything at least once.

Charlotte is a graduate of Brent Street Performing Arts High School where she studied all aspects of performing arts until she joined the regular cast of Home And Away in 2008.

Charlotte continued her education on-set, completing her HSC in 2011 at Oxford Falls Grammar School where she won the music award. Three months into a full-time Global Studies course at the University of Technology, Best accepted the role of Cheryl Hayes in the highly acclaimed Australian television drama Puberty Blues.

When she was younger, Charlotte appeared regularly as a fashion model for both Barbie and Total Girl magazines. She was the face of Miss Metalicus Clothing brand and appeared on Comedy Inc. Charlotte has been an ambassador for the charities Cure Our World and World Vision.